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I've been so busy during the last few years that this web site is hopelessly out of date (last major update in 2002). The only things on the site that I have changed since then are this note and the brief bio below plus the removal of the Assessment Centre Manager software from the site. Nevertheless, you are welcome to come in and browse to find out how Real Need Software WAS way back in 2002. Finally, if you're looking for someone to look after your web site, try The guy there is a genius (he has it in his blood) :))




Real Need Software is actually a pseudonym for 'John Gosling'. John has over 30 years experience in the field of occupational psychology and around 13 years experience as a software developer. Having lectured at the University of Hertfordshire from 1981 to 1996, John established Real Need Software in order to develop assessment software for both desktop and internet applications. In 2003 he jumped on the 'Place in the Sun' bandwagon and moved down to Andalucia in Spain (where he doesn't see all that much sun as it happens because he's all day long in front of a computer screen). The photo on the right is him sitting in a tea garden in Taiwan a few years ago. Actually, he looks far more haggard these days.

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