About us

Real Need Software (rns) was established in 1996 and within the first two years established a reputation as one of the UK's leading software providers in the human resources assessment field. Since that time we have been developing innovative software for both internet and desktop purposes which is now being used in a several countries.

RNS's founder, John Gosling, graduated with a first-class honours degree in Psychology and Physics from the University of Manchester in 1974 and with an M.Phil degree from the University of London in 1976. John is a chartered occupational psychologist and was Principal Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, prior to setting up Real Need Software.

After early experiments in programming back in the mid eighties, John became involved in software development at a professional level in 1989 when he developed a system for generating narrative reports from psychometric assessment data. Since then, he has specialised in database development, narrative reporting software and web-based systems.


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