Assessment Centre Manager - a complete solution!

Well - it was a complete solution, but unfortunately, after 11 years of service, it has now been withdrawn from the market. ACM was getting rather long in the tooth after all this time and although it still seems to be soldiering on nicely for many clients, the likelihood of it continuing to work on more recent versions of Windows is decreasing rapidly. Only a complete re-write would have done the trick, but with other commitments, time simply wasn't available for this.

However, anyone who is interested in the history of ACM is welcome to carry on reading the rest of this page.

Assessment Centre Manager and its companion program, Data Centre, are designed to help HR personnel and assessment specialists with the entire process of setting up and running an assessment or development centre.

Assessment Centre Manager allows you to plan the entire design and timetabling of an assessment centre in less than one hour, saving what would normally be days and even weeks of work.

Data Centre allows you to collect assessment data on-site, analyse it and generate professional quality graphical and narrative reports at the touch of a button.

Click here for a complete overview of assessment centre manager

Click here to download the evaluation copy

To install the evaluation copy, proceed as follows:

  • When you click on the above link, you will see a dialoge asking you whether you wish to open the file from its current location or save it to disk. Select 'Save to disk' and, when requested, enter a location in which to save the file. This will download a file called acmeval.exe to your computer.
  • When the file has downloaded, double-click on it to open the WinZip dialogue. Enter the path of the directory to which you wish to extract the software installation files and then click on the Unzip button. This will extract the installation files to the directory you indicated.
  • Close the WinZip dialogue and then go to the directory holding the installation files. Double-click on the file SETUP.EXE and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
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